Race Report: Heart of the Lakes Triathlon

Heart of the Lakes – Annandale – 7/15/12

Division Place: 2/6
Overall Place: 2/292

Official Results

Swim: 11:35 (1:19)
T1: 1:26
Bike: 47:59 (26.3)
T2: 0:24
Run: 31:22 (5:55)
Total: 1:32:46


The goal for the swim in this race was to get out and push the field to either develop a good lead on the competition or lure them into chasing me in an effort to take a bit out of their top end speed in the other disciplines. This turned out to be fairly successful in this race as I came out of the water with a :35 lead on Kevin O’Connor & a 1:05 lead on Kyle Serreyn & Patrick Parish. I would consider the swim pretty successful, with the exception that I stood up too soon exiting the water and had to slug through the water for 3-4 mid-thigh steps. I have got to remember to keep swimming until the hands run a ground behind standing up.


For the bike the goal was to have a strong, controlled, and consistent effort throughout this leg. For the first 5 miles I was focused on calming down my HR from the swim and T1 while keeping the effort strong. It took a while longer than I had hoped but I was eventually able to get my HR down around 160. Shortly after cresting the hill in Fairhaven I was passed by Patrick to move into 2nd place. He passed me fairly strong but really didn’t pull away so, tried to stay on his wheel and stay in touch. About a half mile after the pass I was not happy with the pace that we were riding so I attempted to re-pass him however as I pulled even with him he made a surge and I had to back out of the draft zone. At about mile ten tragedy almost struck.

Out of the corner of my eye on the left something caught my eye and the next thing I saw was a large deer dart across the road only about 3 feet in front of Patrick, way too close for comfort. I don’t know how he maintained his composure.  The remainder of the bike was fairly uneventful and I was able to keep Patrick within sight but I kept waiting for Kevin to come up and challenge me. I think I did a good job of metering my effort on the bike and accomplishing the goals I set out.


The goal for the run was to be conservative on the first mile with about a 6:00 pace and then build throughout the remainder of the course as well as stay as cool as possible. I started out the run about a block behind Patrick in 2nd with none of the other competitors in sight. The legs felt a bit heavy at the start but not too bad. As I checked my watch for pace in the first mile I was seeing numbers way faster than I wanted so I pulled it back a bit but still ended up with a 5:50 1st mile split. I started to become a little worried about the heat and my pace but calmed myself down, splashed as much water on myself as I could at the water stations, grabbed a couple sponges, and forged ahead with a positive attitude.

The next couple miles were 6:06, 6:08, & 6:02 respectively which I was ok with but I knew I had to keep the pressure on but by this time I was suffering. For the final portion of the race I really felt like a jockey who was whipping a horse to the finish. The mind was willing the body to compete and the body was screaming STOP!! Final full mile split was 5:52.


I think I was very successful in executing the race plan I had set out for myself and probable performed very close to my maximum potential. I resisted putting setting a firm time goal for this race given the extreme variable that I felt the weather/heat may play a part in the results but I did have a generic goal of 1:35:00.

Having beaten that by a pretty good margin made me happy with the results of the race. Having a good race here this year definitely helps to erase the bad memories of last year.  And rebounding from a poor run a Lake Waconia is a huge bonus.


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