Graniteman Triathlon


Race Report: Graniteman Triathlon

Graniteman Triathlon – Big Lake Race Report – 8/4/12

Division Place: 1/14
Overall Place: 1/295

Official Results

Swim (.33 mi.): 9:14 (1:35)
T1: 0:31
Bike (15 mi.): 33:59 (26.5)
T2: 0:38
Run (3.1 mi.): 17:29 (5:39)
Triathlon Total: 1:01:48


Other than being slightly concerned about the road conditions on the bike due to the rain prior to the race I was surprisingly calm for this race and possible a little flippant about my race prep which as it turns out taught me a few lessons that I guess I had to learn the hard way. After setting up transition I was able to get in a 2 mi. or so run warm-up with Jesse and upon return I headed out for a short ride to shake down the bike. Turns out this pre-race ride was a life saver for the race as the rear derailleur got jammed and was stuck in the 11 tooth cog of my cassette. With some help from Don though I was able to get it straightened out and returned to transition ready to go for a quick swim prior to the start of the race.


This was the most brutal swim start I have ever been a part of. The elite athletes were sent off with the relays in the first wave and you would have thought that there was a million dollar cash prize for the swimmer to the first buoy.  Within the first 50-100 yards I got my Road ID, aka Athletic Toe Tag, stripped off my right wrist and my watch kicked and stopped on my left.  All of the swimmers were scrambling for the same spot that I wanted it seemed.  I was however able to clear the pack of swimmers save one and able to get into a comfortable rhythm with my stroke.  After the final turn toward the swim exit I was determined to be the first swimmer to the swim exit and made one last push to make the pass.  I was able to pull even and make the pass with approx. 100 yards to go and exited in the lead by 2 seconds. The swim was reported to be about .1 mi. long which helps to explain the poor average. Overall the swim was ok but certainly not my best effort.


The start of T1 was fairly efficient but this is where my lack of race prep came into play. As I went to mount the bike at the mount line my shoes which were clipped on the pedals but not rubber banded, which was a deliberate choice due to laziness more than anything else, got jammed against the pavement and came un-clipped. I then had to lay my bike down, chase down my shoes 10 feet apart from each other, put them on, and then attempt to clip in. All of this was horribly time consuming and frustrating. So instead of coming out of transition even with the competition I was approx. 1/4 mi. back. I was able to make the pass back into first at the second mile into the bike and settle in for the ride. The remainder of the ride was fairly uneventful but I kept a close eye on my HR and worked on building the effort throughout the distance. Course map and my Garmin do show it to be between .5-.75 mi. short of the published distance so while I would have loved to have a 26.5 avg. it was closer to 25.8.


The goal for the run was to build the effort throughout the distance and have a strong finish at the end. I started out the run in what felt like a comfortable and sustainable race pace and arrived at the 1st mile with a 5:55 split. After making the turnaround I noticed a hard charging runner not far behind me and felt I had to make a push to hold him off. But by mile 2 I was caught and I had no additional effort to stay with him. For a moment I was really disappointed that I had allowed myself to be caught on the run again and that I had given away an opportunity for a win with carelessness in transition set-up. After a closer look though I realized that my competitor was wearing running shorts and I was relieved to determine that he had to be part of a relay. Given the intensity of racing back to the finish I did not pay attention to my splits but again according to my Garmin the course was showing somewhat short of the published distance so my avg. was around 5:45 not 5:39.


I am happy with the results of this race and certainly with setting a new course record. I do however need to learn from the mistakes that were made. They had little effect on the outcome in this race but in a race with closer competition they could have been disastrous. Lesson learned and time to move on to Green Lake for a dress rehearsal before Hy-Vee.


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