About Marcus

Marcus Stromberg- Triathlete


I got into triathlons in 2009 after watching a neighbor compete in the 2008 Buffalo Triathlon in Buffalo, MN. At the time I found myself overweight and lacking energy to keep up with my two active daughters but had an overwhelming desire to be healthy and competitive again. In the beginning, training and getting back in shape came with significant challenges for me from lack of time, struggles with balancing family life, and minor injuries.

Marcus Stromberg Triathlete


Since then I have lost 50+ lbs, found time to train that has as little effect on the rest of my family as possible, avoided any major injuries, and become one of the top amateur athletes in the Minnesota triathlon community.


My background in endurance sports started at a young age when I ran a 5k with my dad at the age of 4.  In High School I competed in Cross Country, Track and Swimming and was able to compete in the High School State Tournaments in Cross Country and Track both my Junior and Senior years.  But, after intensely dedicating my life to sports for 5 years in Junior High and High School I was burnt out and choose to not compete in sports throughout college (or for the next 13 years for that matter).


It’s a decision that I regret to this day.  What I had lost sight of when I hung up my running shoes and goggles was how much joy the thrill of competition and the accomplishment of achieving personal goals brought to my life.


My Start in Triathlons

When I started competing in Triathlons my performances were pretty average and certainly nothing that warranted any attention.  But, over the course of the year, my competitive spirit that had once overwhelmingly controlled my life began to resurface.  I began to believe that I once again could compete at a high level.  So, with increasingly more structured training, including the employment of a Triathlon Coach in 2012, I have been able to compete with some of the best male amateur triathletes in Minnesota with hopes to extend that to a more national stage beginning in 2013.


A Triathlete Sacrifices

This, however, has not come without some sacrifices from both myself and my family.  To limit the disruptions to my family life, most of my 10-11 workouts a week occur in the morning.  Typically, I get up at 4:30am and get one workout done before the rest of my family even gets out of bed.  The remaining training sessions tend to happen on the way to, from, or during my kid’s activities. No one minds a sweaty, stinky dad in the waiting room of his daughter’s dance studio do they?


While the desire to get back in shape and the thrill of competition is what brought me to triathlon, the example I’m able to set for my girls and others through it is what keeps me motivated to continue to push the limits of my ability.  So, as my journey as a husband, father, and self-proclaimed triathlon addict continues, I look forward to sharing my adventures.