Swim Training

Want to elevate your performance on the swim leg of a triathlon?  Not sure how to train effectively for the swim in a triathlon?  Here is a 9-week Swim Training Program that can help to answer those questions.  From January 14th through mid-March you can join this Virtual Training Group and train the same way I do.  The program will provide 3 structured swim workouts per week with two testing opportunities, in the 3rd & 9th week, to see what gains can be made.  Hope you’ll join us.


Program Description

See what’s in store for this 9-week Swim Training Program.

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FAQ & Glossary

Got a question about Swim Training or what an abbreviation in one of the workouts mean.

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Workouts will be posted on Sunday, Tuesday, & Thursday mornings giving you time to review the workout and ask any questions you may have.  In general I will be completing the workouts on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday mornings.